Advantages of Using Our Products

✓ Bright, Lightweight, Easy Installation

Our panels and planks are bright, light-weight and very easy to install.  You won’t need any specialized tools to install our panels.


✓ Extremely smooth

Our finishes are extremely smooth, providing an aesthetic aura of comfort to its occupants.


✓ Sound resistant

Ceiling panels and planks are sound resistant, providing protection against common exterior noises.


✓ Non-flammable

Our products are designed to ensure safety for its occupants, and feature high fire safety ratings.


✓ Low maintenance, durable, mildew resistant

Panels and planks produced by Ceiling Innovators are very easy to clean and maintain.  The products can be wiped with very little effort.


✓ Will not rust, rot or warp

Our panels are prone against rust, rotting and warp over long periods of time.


✓ Available in various designs and finishes

We can provide many types of finishes to our products. This includes marble, granite, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, metallic finishes, venetial plaster, and much more! We can provide custom finishes if requested.